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manager & team development

Combining 1:1 coaching with team development is a great way to build skills and leadership competencies. Development topics may include:

Understand Your Style

We create an awareness of individual communication style and how it may differ from others. We build skills for improving communication including verbal and non-verbal presence.


Three Questions to Build Your Brand

We build skills to share our strengths and success by asking:

  • What are my strengths?

  • What matters to my company?

  • What is my impact?


Communicate Your Point of View

We learn to develop a meaningful POV and how and when to share it.  
We build skills to strengthen engagement, interaction and influencing.


Ask for What You Want

We learn to ask for feedback and how to develop next steps. We build skills to improve our strategic planning, executive communication, risk taking, networking and generating new ideas.


Please contact for customized options.


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